Modern Setup Host — What is it & how to fix it if it stops

Attempting to redesign a current Windows 8.1 Pro establishment to Windows 10 Technical Preview (fabricate 9926) (by means of Windows Update). After Windows Update downloads establishment documents (over 2GB), the overhaul starts, yet not long after it comes up short with error: Modern Setup Host has stopped working

An issue made the program quit working accurately, Windows will close the program and inform you if an answer is accessible.

Windows Update would demonstrate that the update fizzled and attempt to rehash the procedure (with similar outcomes). Windows framework and application logs didn’t give any insights.

Cause and Resolution

After a touch of burrowing it gave the idea that the issue was brought about by an absence of room of the framework’s C: drive. There was around 10 GB of free space, however it appears that Windows 10 update really requires around 16 GB.

In the wake of liberating another 10 GB, establishment proceeded with no issues.

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